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Our mission


Here at Chadwick's we believe everybody should be able to enjoy incredible coffee and tea. That is why we have virtually scoured the globe in search of the perfect coffee beans and tea leaves- it's our mission. 

We have our coffee roasted on a small scale, usually no more than 12KG at a time. This enables us to bring out the aromatic flavours in the beans, and produce a wonderful cup of coffee. We have our coffee roasted to order which helps make sure of a wonderful cup of coffee each time. Before our coffee is sent from the roasters we have it sampled to make sure it passes our strict quality control, and if it doesn't get a pass from our founders we don't package it. 

Talking of packaging! All of our coffee is hand packaged, from the label, to the measuring, to the sealing of the bag, ensuring no two bags are the same. 


Chadwicks collection of lose leaf teas consists of traditional blends, single origin teas, infusions and green teas. They have been carefully selected by our founders, which ensures you receive the very best. 

We want people to see tea in a more traditional way, whilst still having the connivence of the tea bag. Our small, resealable packaging bags allow this.